Lobster BLT on a Toasted Croissant

Lobster BLT on a Toasted Croissant

harry udell

It sounds simple.  But i will give you a couple different kitchen tips in this recipe that will stick with you forever. One of which is Perfect bacon, yes i said perfect. the key is low and slow!  First go to your local bakery or supermarket and get some croissants.  These are french pastries that are flaky, buttery and delicious.  You will need one pack of your favorite bacon.  You can use leaf lettuce, romaine hearts, arugula for pepperiness, mesclun greens for color and bitterness or really any lettuce you like can work for your sandwich.  Because when you, you have to make what you want and thats the fun part of cooking, making changes that work for you.  If you are able to get farm fresh tomatoes, they are worth every bite.  for the dressing you will need mayonnaise, lemon, scallion, parsley, dill, roasted garlic, dijon mustard and some whole grain mustard too. Now for the lobster, i would recommend going to your local fish monger and asking for cleaned lobster, much easier then cooking the lobsters and deshelling them. It makes a huge mess of your kitchen as well.  Now lets get to the steps to putting this dish together and getting it in your belly.

Get the bacon started first.  Lay the bacon flat on parchment paper on a sheet trey and place it in a 250 degree oven for about an hour until the bacon is golden brown and perfect.  Make sure not to over lap any pieces because that will cause them to not cook evenly.  Check the oven after 30 minutes and turn the trey around and pour out excess bacon grease so that it does not over flow and drip in the oven.  This will cause a grease fire which you put out with milk apposed to water.  Water spreads the fire, milk or cream will put a grease fire out. Once the bacon is finished, let it cool, then place it on some paper towel to get off any extra fat.  

Now lets start the dressing.  now the trick to the dressing is the roasted garlic, which people think is so hard to make.  But you can pick up a container of cleaned/peeled garlic, throw it in a pot covered with oil (not olive oil for this dish) cook the garlic and oil on medium to medium low heat for about 20-30 minutes, check that the garlic is browning and poke them with a fork to make sure the cloves are tender.  Turn the heat off and let the pot cool.  Once cooled you can start the dressing.  Add one cup mayonnaise, a half cup roasted garlic, one teaspoon lemon zest, juice of one lemon, one tablespoon fresh scallions, one tablespoon fresh parsley, one tablespoon fresh dill, half teaspoon dijon mustard, one teaspoon whole grain mustard, season with salt and pepper and place in a blender.  You can add some of your homemade roasted garlic oil to emulsify the dressing while the machine is running.  

Now all you have to do, is clean your lettuce, wash and slice your tomatoes and place your lobster meat on a paper towel to get off any excess moisture.  Once these steps are complete put a pan on the stove top and add some butter, cut the croissants in half and place both halves face down in the butter and cook for one to two minutes, then flip the croissants and cook the tops for one minute.  Now it is time to assemble the masterpiece.  Put some of your dressing on the bottom of the sandwich then place your lobster down, time then to eat one piece of bacon of perfect bacon before you place several pieces on your sandwich.  Add the tomato, lettuce and some more sauce, then place the top of the croissant on, cut in half then serve and enjoy.  This is a great lunch or brunch option.  Enjoy, and have fun cooking!

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