BLT with Hummus

BLT with Hummus

harry udell

How To Make the Hummus BLT

 Hummus Bacon lettuce and Tomato sandwich.  Sounds simple, but oh so good.  The key to the BLT is the first letter.  The Bacon!  The proper way to cook back is to place the pieces of bacon on a sheet tray and bake on 225 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Let it cook low and slow and let the bacon fat render out and the meat will get nice and crispy.  The next important part of the BLT is the Tomato!  Without a quality fresh tomato, you can’t have a great BLT sandwich.  Now the trick to the tomato is to not slice it too thin.  You have to cut the tomato with a 1/2 inch thickness and a serrated knife makes it much easier to slice the tomato.  For this sandwich I used fresh organic cabbage and a little bit of mayo so it was a little like a coleslaw minus the vinegar, sugar and mustard.  Now putting the sandwich together.  I used some hummus on the bottom of the sandwich, then placed the thick slices of tomato on top of that, put the perfectly cooked bacon on top of the tomato, then the cabbage with the little spread for mayonnaise.  I used organic 12 grain bread and placed the sandwich in an 8 inch non stick sauté pan with a little bit of butter for both sides.  Cooked the sandwich till both sides looked golden and beautiful.  After that I cut the sandwich in half and served it.  I highly recommend this sandwich for a delicious lunch or brunch idea.  For other great recipes please feel free to reach out if you want new recipe ideas or are looking for cooking classes or to have a party catered.

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